Enjoy meeting new people and learning how to use Essential Oils?  If you live in WA you may enjoy joining one of our informal Vitality and Wellness Parties.  Held regularly in our home in Floreat, and occasionally at other venues around the countryside we enjoy passing on our knowledge.  One major benefit is you get to try lots of products and techniques and see what is right for you and your family.  

RSVP:  Pauline by email

to attend any session for 2012…




February 1st  Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT

February 15th Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT

MARCH 2017

March 14th  Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT

March 28th  Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT

April 2017

April 4th  Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT

April 18th  Wednesday 1.00pm FLOREAT

MAY 2017

May 2nd  Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT

May 16th  Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT

JUNE 2017

June 6th  Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT

June 20th  Wednesday 1.00pm FLOREAT

JULY 2017

July 4th  Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT

July 18th  Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT


August 1st  Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT

August 15th  Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT


September 5th  Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT

September 19th  Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT


October 3rd  Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT

October 10th  Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT

October 24th  Wednesday 1.00pm FLOREAT


November 7th  Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT

November 21st  Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT


December 5th  Wednesday 1.00pm FLOREAT

December 12th  Wednesday 1.00pm or 7.30pm FLOREAT

RSVP:  Pauline by email

Would you like to enjoy 
a healthier lifestyle?

 Learn how to treat your self, your family and your animals naturally using Essential Oils

 Treasured by nearly every ancient 
culture for thousands of years…

Would You Like To…

Restore your body by enhancing your natural defenses?

Renew your energy level with life giving plant oils?

Increase your mental ability in the workplace?

Refresh your mind and emotions naturally?

Improve your athletic performance?

We’d love to share with you some information on the Young Living Essential Oil Collection.  Please join us to enjoy some uplifting aromas, and learn more about how Pure Essential Oils can be beneficial in your everyday life and that of your family and animals.


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